Scient Corporation

We give you the edge in new markets.


Our goal is to create extraordinary results for clients who expand into Asian markets.

Business Outsourcing

  1. As a partner for new market growth in Asia, we provide total business outsourcing services from strategy and marketing to websites, system development and operation.
  2. We help establish strategic outsourcing relationships with local suppliers by assisting in scoping, decision making, governance and vendor evaluation.

Global Web Development

  1. We implement multilingual websites and applications that drive cross-border sales.
  2. We develop global web strategies that accommodate local market needs while increasing global brand presence.
  3. We manage global websites to ensure they meet local needs and business objectives.


We are Scient : the eBusiness Innovator.

Who we are

Scient began as one of the first eBusiness systems innovators in the United States. By providing a wide range of services -- from strategic consultation to system design, development, maintenance and enhancement -- to more than 150 client firms, Scient helped companies build their eBusiness models.

The Scient group launched its Tokyo operations in November 2000, applying its brand and methodology. However, the need to develop specialized services for the Japanese market soon became apparent. So in June 2001, Scient, through an MBO by its board, became independent from US Scient Corporation.

Since then, we have delivered eBusiness solutions to create market leadership, breakthrough positions, and shareholder value. With this IT expertise and the methodologies we developed in Japan, Scient is now back in the US to help companies build competitive differentiation in Asian markets.


Scient Corporation is led by its founder, CEO Komei Higashi.


Scient Corporation

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